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Evation Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd initiated Evation Conference in 2018. Evation is initiated with an aim to offer various business solutions to our clients ranging from Consulting, Research, Corporate training, office support etc.

Evation Conference offers a unique platform for the vendors and solution providers to can interact with their immediate as well as distant clients which will help them in gathering feedbacks on their products and solution platforms.

Events of the Evation Conferences will help the solution providers to fix B2B meetings with their partners and other competitive companies, to exhibit the products and Services, to present the product profile in front of target audience and moreover will help them in evaluating their current products and build the pipeline products.

In Academic point of view, Evation Conferences invites researchers, research scholars, innovators across the globe in a single platform to share their views. Evation Conferences provides the best networking platform for the Scientists, Researchers, & Research Scholars, hospitals, research labs and other stakeholders in a single platform.

Evation Conferences are also the best platform for the young budding minds and research scientist to interact with the industry stakeholders to share their research innovations and to understand the current developments in the sectors.

Overall, there will be a cross sharing of knowledge to understand the current trends, challenges and to find a solution for future in the sectors of Agriculture, Food, Pharma, Healthcare, Life science, Clinical, Medical, Engineering, and general Sciences.

Evation Conferences is an amalgamation of business meetings, Industry Academia interaction sessions, Plenary sessions, Oral & Poster presentations, Symposiums & Workshops, Round-table & QA rounds and many more. This year we are going to launch our first set of events on Agriculture sector at the holy land of Lord Jagannath.

We seek the support of global industrial and research community to grow this budding platform to a new height. We are going to expand this Evation Conferences globally in coming years, which is not possible without the generous support, guidance and contribution of ideas from the global research community.

Let us join together for our first Agriculture series of Conferences at Puri, Odisha-India!!!

Our up coming Conferences: