Speakers & Posters Guidelines

Speaker Guidelines:

The aim of Evation Conference is to involve the participants in fruitful sessions to share research knowledge, explore the scientific discoveries, and to build a collaborative research environment. In order to make it happen, participants need to adhere to a set of guidelines as discussed below:

Abstract/Proposal Submission:

  •  Speakers/authors are requested to submit their abstract online in respective conference’s abstract submission form or directly via email attachment for respective conferences.
  • All submissions should be as per the Abstract Template and in English Language, Images may be of Color or Black & White, no extra supporting data files are accepted for the abstracts.
  •  The fate of the abstract (Acceptance or Rejection) will solely depends on the decision of the review panel.
  •  In case of Multiple authors, the name of each contributor should be mentioned in the abstract and in scientific program only presenting author’s/corresponding author’s name will be mentioned.
  •  Presenting author should ensure that the abstract publication/presentation with us is approved by the other contributors of the work.
  • We are not responsible for any kind of conflicts of interest between Authors
  • Preference will be given to original research work and un published work. If author wish can present a generalized/review topic, taking into consideration that the original authors must be cited properly.
  • For publication: All accepted abstracts will be published and in case, If  same work is already published, we will mention it as republished/duplicate publication and authors will be fully responsible for that.
  • Authors should always adhere to the Abstract Template to avoid any kind of difficulties.

Presentation Schedule/Ethics:

  • All presentations will be scheduled as per the final scientific program. Authors/presenters should be present much before their speaking slot. Presenters need to submit their presentation slides on the day of their presentation before starting of the conference in form of soft copy (via email attachment/ in a USB drive). It is preferred to use the system provided at the venue instead of own laptop
  • Presentation slots will range from 20-40 minutes depends on the final program, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A round
  •  Please note that we will dispose all the presentations securely at the end of the day/sessions and none of the presentations will be distributed/used in any means without prior consent of the owner of the materials
  •  All presentations should be in English language and should be properly readable
  •  Video presentations should be submitted at least one week before the final program and no explicit information should be there,  hampering anyone’s emotions/sentiments or  creating any religious issues. If so, the video presentation will be stopped and necessary clarification may be asked by the committee. Also, before the presentation at the conference, the videos will be thoroughly checked by the committee to check If it violates any rule
  •  No translators will be provided from our end & if required, the presenter can hire it from his/her own
  •  Speakers must be signed in at the registration desk during the stipulated/scheduled time to avoid any kinds of inconvenience
  •  Speakers are strongly recommended to wear business formals during their presentation, adhere to the timings of the presentations and should avoid any kinds of commercial advertisement during his/her presentation. It is strongly advisable to avoid any kinds of arguments/comments during the presentation or discussion to maintain a healthy environment
  •  In case of absence of any speaker during the final program, the Chair/Co-Chair or Moderator has the rights to make necessary changes/arrangements of the speaking slots
  •  Each presentations can be judged upon criteria such as; Quality of Research, Originality of Work, Presentation Skills, Arrangement of Information, and ability to answer the questions asked by the participants.

Poster Guidelines

Presentation of a poster offers a platform for effective one to one communication and explanation. More clear arrangement of matters and concise presentation of information along with long interaction with attendees will lead to fruitful description and discussion of the research work. To enable a successful poster presentation, below points should be considered strictly:

  •  Presenters need to bring the printed poster with them and Evation Conference will not be responsible for any kind of printing work for the poster
  • Put up your poster at least One hour prior to the start of the poster session
  • your poster must be designed to fit within the confines of a 1 * 1 sqm poster board, and consist of materials that could be mounted easily with push pins or tapes
  • Posters must correspond to the title of the abstract submitted earlier
  • Plan your poster in a logical sequence, i.e. Introduction, Study design and Methods, Data collected, Conclusion
  • Data presented in the poster should be crisp and clear, arrangement of information should be in proper format, easily readable, should be printed in good, attractive and cool colour. Use of color can visually enhance your poster.
  • To ensure visual effectiveness of your poster, use large lettering and a minimum of text.
  • Posters should be designed for clear viewing from a distance of  3 feet, so that It could be viewed by a mass of people at the same time
  • Presenting authors and supporting authors name should be mentioned clearly in the poster including organization logo to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Evation Conference is not responsible for any kind of information presented on the poster & the presenting author is solely responsible for that
  • A maximum of two authors can present a single poster, but the two authors must be registered prior
  • If the author wish to publish  soft copy of the poster, the same could be published after the conference in the website, for which he/she needs to send us the soft copy of poster

For any further query/assistance, please contact us at  info@evationconferences.com or via (+91 94384-92921, +91 79784-44300)