Evation Conferences is hosting the International Conferences on Fisheries and Aquaculture (Aquatek 2018) during November 27-28 at Holiday Resorts, Puri-Odisha, India. This International Aquaculture Conference is the best platform for the Fishery & Aquaculture researchers from both the industry and academia across the globe to discuss current challenges & innovations in aquaculture research to ensure aquatic food security.

With rising issues of global climate change, food security, food safety, and demand, the aquaculture business poised to grow tremendously in coming future. Again, the involvement of technology in fishing and farming have further enhanced the scope of the sector. Aquaculture and fishing has emerged as a major supporter of any country’s economic growth.

Fishes and aquatic animals are cheapest animal proteins and have a huge impact on food security of developing nations. With the increase in population growth, increasing income level and urbanisation, the demand for fish, fish products, and aquatic products are high. Hence a sustainable aquaculture model is highly necessary for developing as well as developed countries.

Academic researchers, industry specialists, policy makers, Aquaculture professionals are welcomed to contribute abstracts (original research, reviews, and case studies)for both oral/poster presentations at Aquatek-2018. International Aquaculture Conference will be the unique combination of aquaculture scientists, researchers, breeders, fishing specialists to discuss various issues & innovations in the Aquaculture sector. Aquatek-2018 is comprised of plenary sessions, oral & poster presentations, workshops, symposiums, roundtable discussions, networking sessions, and special industry-academia interaction sessions.

All the Fisheries & Aquaculture Researchers across the globe are warmly welcome to the holy land of  Lord Jagannath, Puri to participate in this upcoming International Aquaculture conference India

  • The Aquatek 2018 is the best platform to discuss the recent innovations & advancements in Fisheries & Aquaculture sector
  • Meet global experts & interact with them
  • Dedicated knowledge sharing sessions, networking sessions & one to one interaction sessions
  • Special sessions by experts, vendors & suppliers
  • Get insights of new product developments, emerging trends, innovations & solutions
  • Learn new skill and upgrade yourself with current time
  • Network with experts globally & initiate or strengthen collaborative research
  • Meet the products & service providers and discuss your ideas directly with them

The Aquatek 2018 conference is the best platform for researchers working fisheries & Aquaculture sector, policy/decision makers, NGOs, Government agencies, Commercial fish producers, fishery & aquaculture product suppliers etc. It is an international platform for all the stakeholders in fishery & Aquaculture segment to meet & discuss the current strategies, trends and future solutions in the industry globally.

Moreover, Aquatek 2018 is the platform where all the fishery & Aquaculture scientists, investors, producers, suppliers. Vendors, researcher & Research scholars associated with fish farming, aquaculture will meet together.

Target participants from Academic & Research
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture faculties & Researchers
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture societies
  • Government Fisheries department personnel
  • Not for profit organization working in the sector
  • Aquaculture Producers & Fishermen
  • Aquaculture product suppliers
  • Aquaculture related food processing companies
  • Fish Pen Operator
  • Fish Pen Operator/Fishpond Owner, Leases & Operators
  • Mariculture Park
  • Fishery Marketing, Exporter & Distributor
  • People associated with aquatic food processing, canning & packaging
  • Sustainable Aquaculture Farming developer
  • Feed Millers & seller
  • Food Scientists
  • Food Service providers
  • Hatchery Operator

Exhibiting at International Aquaculture Conferences will help you in engage yourself in target audience pool, which will help you in position yourself in top of the marketplace. You can interact with the top decision makers visiting the exhibiting booth and you will have the opportunity to explain them your products and services.

Exhibiting at International Aquaculture Conferences will also help you in generating direct sales leads and the feedbacks from direct customers will help you in speed up your pipeline products. Also, you will get the opportunity to speak about your products and services at special slots during the conferences organized by Evation Conferences. Moreover, our unique exhibiting space helps you in many ways to showcase your self and to enhance your business prospects.

Exhibiting at Aquatek-2018 you will get a chance to:
  • Showcase your products & services in front of decision makers & direct customers
  • Get quality sales leads & interact with lucrative audience pool
  • Secure business deals via face to face interaction
  • Enhance your brand image, launch new products & build your direct prospects
  • Maintain relationship with existing customers & build new customer pipeline
  • Build Brand Awareness & Enhance market positioning
  • Highlight new solutions to the captive crowd
  • Cross-sell current customers & Upsell existing clientele
  • Network with your immediate clients & customers
  • Assess the market’s awareness of your company, your brand
  • Learn & upgrade yourself to new industry trends and emerging technology in a face-to-face, hands-on environment.
  • Recruit new distributors and dealers for your products & services
  • Meet new companies & create partners
  • Reinforce your brand in the industry
  • Celebrate your company milestones
  • Learn about new developments in your industry
  • Learn what your competitors are doing right now
  • Speak directly to the target marketplace
  • Optimise & upgrade your sales including lead generation strategies.

To know more about various sponsorship & exhibition opportunities at International Aquaculture Conference please download the Sponsorship/Exhibitor brochure here.


  • Fresh water fisheries & ecology
  • Fishing & Aquaculture methods
  • Technology Advancements in Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Aquaculture policies, management & regulation
  • Aquaculture: Rearing systems, Nutrition and welfare of fish
  • Shellfish, seaweed production & new marine protein source
  • Disease management in Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Toxicological Sciences in Agriculture
  • Commercial fisheries
  • Climate change & Biodiversity conservation in fisheries &aquaculture
  • Genetics in Fisheries & Aquaculture:Breeding, Stock identification, Genetic traceability & monitoring
  • Food Security and Aquaculture Health Management
  • Seafood, Health and Allergens
  • Novel aquatic products and applications
  • Marine biology and coast conservation
  • Sustainable wild Fisheries & tropical aquatic resources development
  • Tropical fisheries and management
  • Advanced Prawn Breeding
  • Aquatic food production, processing, packaging & transportation
  • Aquaculture Value Chain & Consumers
  • Aquaculture Standards & Certification
  • Sustainable Production & Management Systems in fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Education, extension, and technology transfer in aquaculture