Welcome to the Agriculture International Conference 2018 India

Evation Conferences is hosting the International Conferences on Agriculture & Horticulture (Agritek-2018) during November 26-27 at Holiday Resorts, Puri-Odisha, India. The Agritek 2018 Conference is based on the theme “Current challenges & future strategies for a sustainable agriculture to feed the world“.

This Agriculture Conference 2018, India is the platform for the agricultural researchers and stakeholders from both the Industry and Academia across the world to discuss the current trends in the Agriculture sector. Hence, paves the way to design the stretegies for the future Agriculture System.

Agritek-2018 will be the unique amalgamation of agricultural scientists, agricultural engineers, plant breeders, researchers, and research scholars to discuss various issues and challenges in the current agricultural sector.

Agritek-2018 Congress will comprise of plenary sessions, oral & poster presentations, workshops, symposiums, round table discussions, networking sessions, and special industry academia interaction sessions.

The special sessions at this International Agriculture Conference 2018 will help the researchers to upgrade their knowledge and to expand their vision on current technological applications for a sustainable agriculture.

All the Agricultural Researchers around the world are warmly welcome to the holy land of Lord Jagannath, Puri, India to participate at this upcoming Agriculture and Horticulture International Conference.

Why to attend the International Conference on Agriculture 2018, India
  • Learn and upgrade your knowledge about new tools & Technologies in Agricultural research
  • Stay up to date with existed technology & equipment
  • Get access to the experts, meet and share your knowledge with fellow colleagues
  • Break your comfort zone & implement new ideas you learn from this Agritek 2018 Conference
  • Learn new skill and upgrade yourself with current time
  • Network with experts globally & initiate or strengthen collaborative research
  • Meet the products & service providers and discuss your ideas directly with them
  • Special industrial talks and exhibitions to upgrade yourself
  • Evaluate your research and share your knowledge in front of global experts
Who should attend the International Conference on Agriculture 2018, Odisha, India

This Agritek 2018 Conference provides the best platform for Agri professionals, farmers, plant breeders, pest control advisors, Agri business professionals, Agricultural instrument manufacturers and vendors to discuss latest research in farming, issues related to resources including recent trends in sustainable agriculture.

In business point of view Agritek 2018 is the best platform for the vendors to meet their clients helping in the enhancement of their agri business.

Target participants from Academic & Research
  • Agri science Educators
  • Plant & Agriculture Science Faculties, Researchers, Scientists & Students
  • Researchers working in Forestry & Landscaping
  • Plant breeders
  • Researchers in Seed science & Technology
  • Researchers working in Soil science & Plant nutrition
  • Government Agencies & NGOS working in the Agricultural sector
  • Agri business specialists
  • Plant & agriculture associations
Target participants from Industry
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers & vendors
  • Seed companies
  • Food processing & packaging companies
  • Fertilizer & Pesticide companies
  • Tissue culture & Plant genomics companies
  • Agricultural technology & Service providers
  • Plant tissue culture equipment & Lab solution providers
  • Agribusiness companies
  • Other vendors or solution providers associated with plant science & Agriculture
Why to Exhibit at this  Agriculture International Conference 2018, India

Exhibiting at Evation Conferences will help you in engage yourself in target audience pool, which will help you in position yourself in top of the marketplace. You can interact with the top decision makers visiting the exhibiting booth and you will have the opportunity to explain them your products and services.

Exhibiting at our Conferences will also help you in generating direct sales leads and the feed backs from direct customers will help you in speed up your pipeline products. Also, you will get the opportunity to speak about your products and services at special slots during the conferences organized by Evation Conferences. Moreover, our unique exhibiting space help you in many ways to showcase your self and to enhance your business prospects.

Exhibiting at  Agritek-2018  you will get a chance to:
  • Get quality sales leads & interact with lucrative audience pool
  • Showcase your products & services in front of all atakeholders
  • Secure business deals via face to face interaction
  • Enhance your brand image, launch new products & build your direct prospects
  • Maintain relationship with existing customers & build new customer pipeline
  • Build Brand Awareness & enhance market positioning
  • Highlight new solutions to the captive crowd
  • Cross-sell current customers & Upsell existing clientele
  • Network with your immediate clients & customers
  • Assess the market’s awareness of your company, your brand
  • Learn & upgrade yourself to new industry trends and emerging technology in a face-to-face, hands-on environment.
  • Recruit new distributors and dealers for your products & services
  • Meet new companies & create partners
  • Reinforce your brand in the industry
  • Celebrate your company milestones
  • Learn about new developments in your industry
  • Learn what your competitors are doing right now
  • Speak directly to the target marketplace
  • Optimise & upgrade your sales including lead generation strategies.

To know more about various sponsorship & exhibition opportunities at the Agritek-2018 please download the Sponsorship/Exhibitor brochure below.


  • Crop Protection and Awareness
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Agricultural Biotechnology & Plant tissue Culture
  • Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics
  • Crop & Seed Science
  • Agrotechnology to enhance Wheat, Rice & Maize Production
  • Agricultural Soil Science
  • Toxicological Sciences in Agriculture
  • Plant Pathology & Microbiology
  • Horticulture: Fruit and Vegetable Breeding
  • Postharvest Technology, Food storage & Food processing
  • Agricultural Engineering & Agriequipment
  • Plant fertilizers, Pesticides & Organic farming
  • Technology in Agriculture: Geo Mapping, GIS, Remote Sensing, Drones in Agriculture, Field monitoring. VRT, Sensors & Electronics chips, Io & Intelligent Guidance Systems etc.
  • Agribusiness Management & Agronomics
  • Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development & Agricultural Policies
  • Plant morphology, Physiology, Biochemistry & Metabolism
  • Plant Ecology & Diversity
  • Agricultural Waste & Weed management
  • Agroforestry & Landscaping
  • Soil and Water Management
  • Plant & Forest Ecology